Les assiettes de prime : HT ou TTC ?

Premium bases: exclusive of tax or inclusive of tax?

The premium bases are actually expressed in VAT excluded or VAT included depending on the type of guarantee...
Jun 11, 20200
L’actualité : Le Coronavirus

The news : The Coronavirus

Will "forced" absenteeism to prevent the spread of the virus have an impact on the insurance premium ?
Jun 11, 20200
Mon contrat et moi : le 100% santé

My contract and me: 100% health

On January 1st, the 100% Healthcare reform, prepared well in advance by insurers...
Jun 11, 20200
RQC fête ses 5 ans !

RQC celebrates its 5th anniversary

Since 2015 RQC has imposed itself by becoming one of the reference firms for all public authorities and private establishments in Metropolitan France and in the French Overseas Departments and Territories (DROM-COM), by establishing a relationship of trust !
Jun 11, 20200