Our services


Audit of warranties

Audit and consultancy on contracts, risk mapping, graphical analysis of claims experience, proposal of an insurance program and budget estimate.


Drafting of the consultation dossier

Drafting of specifications, choice of procedure and judgement criteria, launch and follow-up of the consultation.


Analysis of applications and offers

Drafting of the pre-report for the analysis of the offers, request for clarification, presentation of the report before the authorities.


Control of contracts

Award and adjustment of the contract, draft rejection and award letters, verification of the conformity of contract documents.


Possible negotiations

Critical examination of the insurer's proposal, assessment of the situation, assistance in implementing the amendment, comparative budget estimate, drafting of a report.


Assistance in contract management

ce in the execution of contracts, control of guarantees and amendments, review of insurance clauses, legislative and insurance information, verification of receipts.

Assistance à la gestion des sinistres

Assistance in the management of claims

Assistance with declaration,Analysis of the insurer's decision,Examination of the expert report,Presence in case of dispute.